Pack the Clothes on Your Upcoming Vacation

Vacation is also related to the preparation of clothing and accessories

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Choose what clothes will be taken in the holiday were in front of your eyes, especially mid-year vacation, certainly makes you a little confused. However, there is always the best way to do the right preparation.

Each holiday trip always has its own characteristics, let's say you have a favorite outfit, socks and others, as written on the lifestyle website, CNN Indonesia, you'd even do activities such as roll up, folding, putting in a separate plastic, to just take a few clothes.

An article on the Lonely Planet, writing on Expedia - an online hotel booking site, that there are practical ways required for the preparation, to expand the extra space in the suitcase.

Shoes (and socks) -

1. The socks should be rolled up and tucked into a hole shoes.
2. Each pair of shoes has its own parcel, in a small transparent plastic.
3. Place of activity on number 2, shoes that have been wrapped in the bottom of the suitcase or bag.

Clothes -

1. Underwear widened to its original position (the position buttoned).
2. Clothing rolled from the bottom up.
3. Adjust the results of the roll with the size of a suitcase.

Jerseys -

1. Like clothing, jerseys widened to the size of the original. And, folding the arms forward, then fold the bottom of the sock to the back.
2. Fold the aft shirt (folds hands) to the right.
3. Look then, a rectangular shape, roll T-shirt from the neck down.

Jewelry (and accessories) -

1. The part that needs to be thorough, cosmetics, hair products and accessories in a separate state.
2. Provide transparent bags as a storage place.
3. The transparent plastic bag put into a suitcase or bag section that is in the front or back (do not unite with clothes).

Although travel trips have been getting closer, preparing to pack can be considered as an important part. Sure, you want a trip went well and fun.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet /Image M Kretyawan)


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