Dream Hostel, interesting hostel in southern Finland

Decent and cool hostel for the young traveler

Pay a visit to this country during the winter, even you will often see it on a postcard or a variety of other photos in the media, natural look with pine forests and lakes. Even if you're fortunate enough to chance to see the Northern Lights, or what we call the Aurora Borealis.

Do not worry if you have arrived, because they use the European currency, the Euro, so that we can take into account the budget on the way here, everything tastes become more affordable. We start from the transport, use city bus, metro or tram, no need to rush, isn’t it?

When you are in the center of town, certainly not eager to seek accommodation? There is always a beautiful hostels in Europe, with pleasant amenities for travelers.

Well, try to Tampere in the south region of the country, there is the Dream Hostel, do not hesitate for a starting price of 20 USD, and you've got a fun environment, funky, and adequate public areas, free WiFi, indoor and outdoor games, free popcorn every Friday.

So no worries, you might want to stroll into town, then walk to enjoy the atmosphere, do not forget to take pictures in front of the town center, The Renaissance Revival Raatihuone, even if you want to Helsinki you can achieve about 1.5 hours by train.

Do not forget to the Tampere Central Square, the atmosphere was neat and clean, you immediately like it, a row of cafés, restaurants, even a market that is selling the diverse needs of citizens.

Having tired of walking - of the many objects worthy of visits, you'd better be there, you can still be a warm welcome from the hostel staff who will help at any time, is not it the right time to try small pastries and coffee, when the air gets cool. Pleasant trip to Finland, should be able to try the food flavorful seafood, such as sushi and oysters with local distinctive flavor of Finland.

Dream Hostel

Åkerlundinkatu 2
33100 Tampere, Finland
Phone +358 45 2360517

(Source J Adrian - Kompas Travel, Smarter Travel /Images Dream Hostel)


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