Stolichnaya Vodka, Gluten-free can be Enjoyed without Worry

Special product of Stoli, which was never produced

Drinking vodka may be one of the predilection of many of your friends, and you may also want to try it, but ever-present anxiety, especially for people with gluten-tolerant or celiac sufferers that can give adverse health effects.

The creativity of the typical beverage maker is certainly deserve appreciation, among others, for instance vodka maker, Stoli, carefully observe that there are so many connoisseurs of vodka that can not be enjoyed freely.

They worked hard to get the raw material of this drink, and find the best mix at 88 percent corn (rye grain) and 12 percent wheat, found especially in the area of ​​Tambov, Russia. And, present for the lovers of this drink, Stolichnaya Vodka. This is indeed the latest concoction, and they believe have not been made at the times ago. Great!

Stoli believe their products are truly gluten-free products, and claims to be the first global brand to do so, despite there could be other beverage makers companies claiming to be the first maker of all, according to excerpts of Stoli President and CEO Patrick Piana at the Daily Meal.

Believe me, even according to The Beverage Testing Institute give gluten-free products is 92 points out of 100. Reassuring, isn't it?

Let's say one day you are in a crowded place to drink, do not forget to give it a try, may present a shock, and then love its potion tempting.

The ambiance of a drinking dim the room lights were soft, with a special friend near you, and two cups of Stolichnaya are on the table, a natural herb with a gluten-free corn and wheat presented with a smooth and gentle.

(Source Megiza - CNN Indonesia, Daily Meal /Image Stolichnaya Vodka - Stoli Team Pages)


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