Everest Mountaineer Died of Pulmonary Edema

Maria Strydom died in her attempt to the summit of Mount Everest

Ascent of Mount Everest which is great from a 34-year-old woman, Maria Strydom from Australia, although the ascent can be regarded as a great climbing activity, and a dream for many climbers from around the world.

Mountaineering do require physical preparation, mental health and sufficient, good food and healthy preparation, adequate time, so little things related to health can be a big impact for a climber.

Quotes from the Women's Health, Maria Strydom is a vegan and finance lecturer at Monash Business School in Melbourne, who has an obsession about her health activities, vegan diet.

The desire to prove to her fellow climbers, even with her husband, they make the climb to the top seven mountain of the most challenging in the world.

Pulmonary edema negatively impact the body of a climber like her, climbing day, Saturday, May 21, 2016, which is the higher mountain areas, giving her extreme impact, the liquid rises to her brain. Terrible.

It is still a matter of controversy for some circles, vegan diet that does likely contributed to her death on the mountain. Niket Sinpal MD, clinical assistant professor at Touro College of Medicine, New York, said, "Everyone has the same opportunity. But the capacity of the oxygen that is able to 'take' is one of the things that greatly affect a vegan."

Through research it is known that the person running the vegan diet is usually deficient in vitamin B12, a nutrient that 'allow' red blood cells carry oxygen to vital organs such as heart and brain. Furthermore Sinpal said that the death of Maria Strydom triggered due to lack of oxygen that goes into the brain.

Travel and adventure at the same time in an ascent, as the activity of the body is very heavy, intensive prove the need to consult a doctor. A bad day for her, remembering that Maria Strydom not an amateur climber.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Women's Health /Images N Ginting)


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