Knowing more about Bun Cha noodles

Cold noodles from Vietnam enjoyed by Obama with Anthony Bourdain

Obama and Bourdain, Hanoi - Image owner Anthony Bourdain

A photo uploaded by a renowned culinary television host, author, and a chef, Anthony Bourdain, may make you a little surprised. Wow ... Obama was enjoying the meal with someone during a visit to Vietnam recently.

When you look at the photo, Obama seemed relaxed chat with Bourdain while drinking beer and eating a dish of Bun Cha noodles.

Obama, the President of the United States, it was in order to travel to Asian countries, discuss the history of the US. The countries visited, Vietnam and Japan.

A privilege for Bourdain, of course, it gets the planned schedule in the course of Obama, and Bourdain is also known as a true food adventurer who traveled the world, taste the cuisine of many countries.

Despite a sense of wonder to see Obama were invited to know the specific culinary in Vietnam, as a culinary hunt on observations from Bourdain, a small shop in the city of Hanoi, of course you want to know what is called the Bun Cha noodles.

Bun Cha is a kind of food of noodles, precisely vermicelli made from rice flour served with a variety of grills, can be beef, chicken or pork that maybe found in Vietnam, so an explanation of a culinary expert from Jakarta, Lea Joan.

Bun Cha noodles

Furthermore, you can find any kind of Bun Cha consists of ingredients mix vegetables, spices, and sauces typical of Vietnam, namely Nouc Mam. The fish sauce-based sauce that is a combination of sweet, salty, and slightly acidic.

In the first place the noodles boiled were mixed with vegetables and foliage usually mint leaves and coriander, mixed together with the sauce or it could be dipped into the sauce before eating, according to your taste. Generally, the food is always accompanied by the typical Vietnamese fried spring rolls, it'll add a delicious texture of the grain boiled food fry, grilled meats, and fried crisp.

More specifically, citing travel sites, Kompas Travel, said Joan, gravy Bun Cha does not have a high-temperature or hot. Bun Cha is cold noodles, the temperature of the liquid in accordance with the room temperature, in contrast to other Vietnamese noodles, Pho, which was eaten with hot sauce.

You will be amazed by the Buddhist philosophy that is contained there, the healthy food that offers balance, both in terms of taste, texture, and a combination of carbohydrates, protein, and fiber. Of course, this culinary tastes good, definitely!

(Source S Agmasari, New York Post, A Bourdain /Images Anthony Bourdain Page)


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