Obama made the Hiroshima Bomb Site Popularity Increased

Visits after atomic bombs were dropped that led to the cessation of WW II

The trip to Asia for the US president, Barack Obama, in order to discuss the history of the United States to Vietnam and Japan, has become the talk of netizens. All are busy talking, of course, you know how the world of social media talk crowded.

The furor began when a writer and famous culinary adventurer Anthony Bourdain invite Obama ate at simple food stall, located in Hanoi, Vietnam. Discussion lively and humorous invite comments from netizens.

Well, once this visit to Japan, gained public attention, Obama visited the site of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima during World War II (WW II), apart for most travelers the world knows this place, and became one of the most popular tourist attraction in Japan.

But. This visit had profound meaning. Quoting CNN Travel, there are 1.5 million tourists who visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, in April this year.

The museum continues to receive the attention, the number of foreign tourists visit this museum to rise 44.6 percent to 338.891, of course many factors that make this site more and more famous.

As reported by TripAdvisor, the increase in the number of visits because there is a big event, like the World Scout Jamboree, a scout event for the world, held in Yamaguchi last year.

Indeed, increased tourist visits to Japan, but the effects are widely with Obama's visit gives a positive value, the appreciation of the citizens of the world, so it comes curiosity for most travelers when they visit Japan.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum is listed at number two for a favorite tourist attraction in Japan, and there may be no harm if we took time to get there. One day in a perfect moment, of course.

(Source Kompas Travel, CNN Travel, TripAdvisor /Image Taisyo - wikipedia)


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