Burger while Saunas

Burger King offers both simultaneously

Fast food is always ready at any time when you're looking to relax in a shopping mall, say a sunny Sunday in May, on the outskirts of the street on 42nd Ave, an area with a row of shopping district near the Central Park, you walk past a girl 100% perfect.

Great isn’t it? At that time also the desire to invite the girl is so perfect, why do not eat fast food?

Indeed enjoy food like this, sometimes regarded as the moment of its own, personal, me time and everything else, maybe you want a different atmosphere with the girl.

What if it coincided with the moment enjoy a soothing massage? You can not go to the sauna, but Burger King now offers both. You can enjoy a cow burger in the spa room.

Great and special, isn’t it?

Well, unfortunately it happens a Spa Burgers that can you find on the lower floor Mannerheimintie, Burger King in Helsinki, Finland. And, you need not be surprised to learn that they, the Finns is known it is like a sauna.

So it goes, only in Finland, as the quote from the Metro, this steam can be entered by 15 people. Further on the site said, sauna is an appropriate location for ‘social gatherings’ or work.

It was a moment for yourselves, and with a perfect girl, don’t you? You will enjoy the atmosphere is also accompanied by a television 48 inches and in the other room is also available with 55-inch televisions and game consoles.

It is remarkable moment of togetherness with her, the special girl, enjoy a burger, then television can also be used for presentations, the rooms were hot and sweaty, but you're happy.

It was a sunny Sunday in May, along with a girl, which to be honest was not too pretty, not too flashy, not too special. But, enjoy a burger, while saunas with a girl you like. Believe me, this is a perfect day, isn’t it?

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Metro /Image L Priyanti)


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