Soul Kitchen in New Jersey, Eat and You Do Not Have to Pay

The restaurant belongs to Bon Jovi paid through donations

Eating does not have to pay, is a different concept than most places to eat in this world, except perhaps in another world that is not unexpected, as all appear to be different, and bring impression for visitors.

Bon Jovi was known as a great rock musician, and has another side to him, and you will enjoy that side, eating and eating with different flavors and guests have the obligation to pay the food 'debts' in other ways in the future.

That's how a rock musician running his culinary business, Soul Kitchen in New Jersey into his second restaurant, precisely in the area of Toms River, according to excerpts of the Huffington Post, and you don’t have to worry about how to pay, the important thing is to enjoy the food you ordered in advance, enjoy the atmosphere, and socialize with friends or people nearby.

Then what if wanted to atone for everything? Ah, don’t worry, Bon Jovi understand your way of thinking, guests can pay for their meal by way of donation, for example by paying other people's food or volunteering in the kitchen of the restaurant.

An interesting idea, isn’t it?

Everyone can enjoy a meal at the restaurant, he was concerned the hungry and the homeless, everyone can get into it and enjoy the food, without having to care about the level of their income.

As he said on CBS News, "You have to understand that those who need sometimes do not have a chance to go to a restaurant."

Many ways to be able to do good to others, Bon Jovi and his wife, Dorothea revealed that they want to make people feel empowered yet with a sense of pride. And, we know that the culinary is one way of touching concern for others.

(Source CA Setyanti - Indonesia CNN, Huffington Post, CBS News /Images JBJ Soul Kitchen Pages)


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