Friday the 13th, Flights into "Hell"

The myth of the mystical stories and spooky on Friday the 13th

Spooky stories that may be preferred by some circles, say kind of horror movie fans, the creepy always synonymous with Friday the 13th, so many people even without deliberately avoiding the sacred day.

Who wants to face bad luck on the day, although more myths surrounding it, they take it as an unlucky day and will be a lot of bad things happening.

Do you have a similar experience to the shadow of many people?

Apparently it's happening today, unique and even magical at happened in the day Friday, May 13, 2016 ago.

This is an article worth reading on the Metro site, the date and the day of 'sacred' is, it turns out there is low air that is equally sacred, that flight 666*.

Of course you do not believe, isn't it?

Let's look further, a service of the airline Finnair flights from Copenhagen to Helsinki, Finland.

Well, in terms of society in the aviation environment, is known as the airlines 'Flight 666 to HEL' and coincides with the date of Sacred Friday. Of course you do not believe, isn't it?

So who wants to fly on that sacred day? You might consider it bad luck, it examines the virtual world community, 'Flight 666 to Hel', this was then busy talking to as 'flight to hell'.

Believe me, it all went well and the flight went well, passengers arriving in Helsinki safely, all smiling happily. Great!

*666 - always identical as the figures for the devil incarnate

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Metro /Image Finnair)


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