Legal, Capture Graffiti Name on Everest

Everest peak is often the object of graffiti the tourists and mountaineers

Lobuche, Mt Everest

Graffiti or doodling to perpetuate the name of the location in a mountain climbing has become a habit for most tourists or hikers, although this habit really is not good in terms of the environment.

Indeed for the mountaineers, they feel that the whole achievement should be appreciated, the challenges and obstacles to reach the top, so that the present habit of scribbling names on a cliff, perhaps just a reminder for anyone who one day through the site.

Well, the same thing happens in the ascent of Mount Everest, and especially areas Tibetan side is more popular and prone to scribble over Nepal side, because of the view and easier access. Of course it's frustrating for the local government, so that they will create a black list of tourists behaving badly and pass it to the media, and create a sense of shame.

Quoting the Lonely Planet, that is difficult to change the habits of mountain climbers and tourists like this, traces of graffiti as making us back to a bygone era, and seemingly could soon disappear.

Everest Base Camp

Amadablam, Mt Everest

Nature will suffer, bad habits become eligible prevented the outbreak, of course, would threaten the survival and preservation of the natural surroundings.

There is a solution of local government, as was done by the Chinese authorities and the Tibetan decided to install tablet travelers around the base camp at Mount Everest, so that tourists can record their name in it and leave their mark.

Hopefully understanding of the importance of preserving the environment becomes an important part of awareness among tourists and mountain climbers, especially in May, is in the most traffic and friendly weather for trekking enthusiasts.

Hustle and highlight of the visit, it deserves to be anticipated, so they were not included into the black list, and into humans - which can be embarrassing for the community of climbers and widespread in the media, and of course social media as a social sanction, of course.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet /Images N Ginting)


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