Dining Naked Moments in Melbourne

The unique opportunity from Collingwood Restaurant for 50 special customers

Flinders Street, Melbourne

Eating in restaurants while naked in a restaurant in London recently, seems to have inspired a restaurant in Australia to hold a similar moment. The idea is quite unique, bold and against the major currents in the world community, because most luxurious restaurants always require a specific dress code.

We may be able to receive a policy from a fancy and exclusive restaurant, as some considerations are quite rational and accepted by the general public.

Let's say you want to eat in a restaurant, and one day be in Melbourne, either because it is not familiar with the streets of the city, or as a recommendation from a friend, then you arrive in Collingwood Restaurant in the city, in fact it is the 'impromptu' restaurant.

You will be surprised or may have been prepared, they even allow patrons to dine without clothes. True, the idea seems to be present as a result of ideas that have previously been conducted in London, last month.

Terrific and surprising, isn't it?

Indeed, under normal circumstances, when you arrive, according to the Daily Meal, visitors can come inside to Collingwood by dressing as usual. But wait a minute, you will be offered in different situations.

Café on the street, Melbourne

You will be given a white robe can still be worn during the cocktail event, let's wait until dinner time, because then the guests are given the option to open up their robes and dining without clothes. Believe me, the atmosphere will become more intense, ah... Rather I say better! Servants to participate barefoot and wearing only an apron as cover their bodies.

But. As said by the owner to the Yahoo site, Daniel Lemura, "There is no confusion, all very polite. We do this in order to support the positive image of the body."

Ah, indeed unique and interesting idea, a guest of the restaurant says, that every human being deserves their body and physical, as it is in everyday life, without the need to be embarrassed and ashamed. Isn't that is the beginning of happiness?

Exactly, and your food order will soon present as the appropriate request.

(Source L Kertopati - CNN Indonesia, Daily Meal, Yahoo /Images Stevi Lee)


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