How to Overcome Fear of Flying

Data indicated that about 40 percent of people afraid to fly

Travelling by air has become one of the primary means of transportation for fans of the show walk around to different places in the world, almost no place in the world which is not covered by aircraft.

Well, what if the air travel into the worry, fear for certain people, while satisfying the desire for a trip to anywhere, using aircraft has become an effective means of transportation.

1. Think of it as something good habits. True, does not need to be made into a drama, you will be able to cope. It buklan threat, because every person living it every day, regardless fly not a daily routine.

You can say to yourself, airplanes are common and harmless. We can see the people around us, they would use the aircraft as a means of traveling to somewhere. Familiarize yourself!

2. Focus on your breathing. Of course there are other ways to solve it, by managing your breathing, try the ways of meditation or inhale, and exhale many times. Do it repeatedly.

3. Train yourself. Many roads to Rome, the saying goes. In other words, if you are serious about overcoming your fear.

Try to learn and recognize for example the workings of an airplane, how the manufacturing process and so the security system, a navigation system and the use of specialized tools such as aircraft radar and aircraft pilots work.

4. Recognize your panic. Things like this need to recognize one's own behavior, the tendency in our nature, when you feel uncomfortable, feel there needs to be someone to accompany and others.

Think of panic as part of your behavior, but also perspective from the other side, what if you think about the positive things near you, do naturally.

5. Change the fear of being like a game. What if you take it as a game? Of course it was a good way, because in the game there is a fear, nervous, excited, curious and others.

Look around the aircraft cabin space, make yourself feel busy, may observe the clothes worn by flight attendants, storage system, or the passenger near you. If they look happy, do not go wrong when you absorb their joy.

And travel is often the case with the use of air transport, you certainly want to be part of the air travel experience of traveling, traveled, with a little apprehensive, nervous, but also present a sense of joy and it became part of united way. Happy Traveling!

(Source Kompas Travel, Intisari Online, Huffington Post /Image Garuda Indonesia)


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