Traveling in Big Beautiful Cities Increase Your Life Happiness

According to the findings of a study by Warwick Business School Academics

One morning in New York

The world's major cities are beautiful and elegant can we meet in a lot of travel, and you can make travel arrangements to witness the greatness of the big cities of the world.

So said a findings of a survey of 212,000 respondents, you can turn it down, but the surprise finding of their research results.

Indeed, you can give a different opinion, for example, lives in a quiet green countryside, but the reality may say otherwise, stay and live in big gorgeous cities can refresh your mind and increase your happiness.

That was great, even the beginning I was a little hesitant with the research. It turns out, according to experts, the urban landscape providing motivation for happiness rather than the typical green expanse of rural areas.

You may be tempted to do something in a city, when you go a visit, say in a fresh morning in New York, sparking a desire to exercise for good health and fitness.

Central Park, New York

Even the article I read in a women's website, that make interesting writing, urban landscape directly related to one's feelings, such as gray, blue, and brown, including a mix of clean streams and architectural city, creating a balanced emotional relaxation.

The same thing when you're walking around with a solid background in the garden wall of the building in New York, Central Park, try to feel the sensation. Remarkable!

"This is a surprising discovery," said Chanuki Sereishne from Warwick Business School.

Reality on the ground is always surprising. A traveling anywhere, including in a major cities of the world had an extra adrenaline to the body, the tourists with a lot of curiosity, and it's exciting, isn’t it?

(Source Rakhma – Kompas Female, Daily Mail /Images N Jalil, L Priyanti)


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