Pokéburger on festive bazaar Down n'Out

Events held until September and is sold only for 2 weeks

Pokéburger - Image credit instagram@downnout_

Enjoying the burger has been one part of the urban lifestyle, so we will not be surprised to see the corners of the crowd where someone was eating a burger or hanging out at a burger place.

Maybe I'm one of them, or maybe you're, ah ... Who knows, it could all happen in crowded places, in a day of fun with a friend.

Such an event is a festive bazaar in Sydney, Australia, was named Down n'Out Bazaar announcing their new menu named Pokéburger. They are the initiator of the event, a group called Hashtag Burgers transforming three burger with content and different forms of a bread bun, 3 Pokémon monster, ie Pikachu, Charmander and Bulbasaur.

They know that many burger enthusiasts who want something different, coupled with the trend of Pokémon GO gaming enthusiasts, who often hunt to earn points, but this time they hunt Pikachu and two other friends to eat at a price of AU $ 11.

Citing CNBC, Ben Kagan, Creative Director of Hashtag Burger said, "The flavor of each burger has been designed in accordance with the appearance and personality of each Pokémon."

He added that Bulbasaur has a taste similar with the Big Mac burger at McDonald's, green vegetables such as lettuce and pickles with broccoli crown on his head, and then to Pikachu, juxtaposed with fries smeared with cheese, onions and thousand island sauces that called Tiger Fries.

Of course the Kagan explanation make games fans will be interested, we are worthy to appreciate the work of their creations, which have been concocting unique types of burgers with the team for five weeks.

Then, let's hunt. And, eating burgers. That is good!

(Source Megiza - CNN Indonesia, CNBC /Image instagram@downnout_)


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