Cool Donuts in Los Angeles

California Donuts among the top ten famous donut in Los Angeles

Donut Fries - Image credit California Donuts

Delicious donuts can make your tongue wagging and felt a mixture of flour and sugar across the mouth cavity, just feel its sensation of sugar that makes the face of anyone ever sweeter.

It's just an expression, but who refuse donut when present in front of you, either confectionary or cake made from wheat that is able to tease citizen anywhere, especially if you enjoy it with a cup of coffee.

They, California Donuts know their customers desire, always ready from early morning until into the next day, 24 hours. And for special customers who came in the morning, be prepared to get a special donut which is only awarded to customers who came in the morning. Terrific, isn't it?

When you arrive at their booth, there are many options, ranging from Blueberry Toast Crunch, Samoa, Lucky Charms, Chocolate Strawberry White, Matcha Green Tea, and brown the meat. And for customers who love the classic models are also available, such as a glaze donut, chocolate, and cake donuts.

But. An article from The Daily Meal, provide additional information, that California Donuts presents a new variant, fried potatoes donuts with melted nutella and colorful sugar sprinkles become their special dish.

You will be disappointed, because more customers would come in early, try to come to a retro-style bakery outlets in Koreatown, so you would not find it again at lunch. Sold out since early morning for a $ 2 for nutella topping, and for a donut sprinkled with colored sugar sold for US $ 1.50.

Well, whatever of the variant donut offer, you can spend a weekend in a donut outlets, coffee and donuts, as well as a friend with you, it will be very special.

(Source Megiza - CNN Indonesia, The Daily Meal /Image instagram@californiadonuts)


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