Swing game 'Over the Edge' in Amsterdam

A new tourist attraction in A'DAM Tower near the city station

Amsterdam Central Station is the center of the city, became a kind of hub for a meeting, no matter where you walk in this city, often meeting point at this place.

You could walk around by bicycle, or on foot, many interesting spots that can be enjoyed. Even you know in advance, enjoy this town can be passed on the water, it will be too unusual.

But. Something new in the city, citing the site Lonely Planet, the different ways you can do, a swing game, called Over the Edge, was officially opened on August 26th can bring visitors or tourists will soar over the city at a height of nearly 100 meters.

It's a different way, certainly, watching the city of Amsterdam from the heights to pay 12.50 euros. Decent enough to try.

The place can you find in A'DAM Tower, citing a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, the tower known as Shell Tower, a two-storey building consists of inner and outer space, which became the city observation.

This swing game can be described as what? Swing back and forth in a tower, let's say you're in the cradle, then you can be happy to tell it, enjoying the different sights of the city of Amsterdam.

As an official statement by the tower operating company, "Adrenalin will feel in your veins. Over the Edge is the highest swings in Europe."

Perhaps curiosity that makes a lot of visitors and tourists in the city come to try it. It must be fun!

(Source Megiza - CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet /Images Indah Ariani, Revna Rumambi)


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