New Seat Design of Cathay Pacific with Headrests

Airlines from Hong Kong understands the needs of their passengers

Neck Pillow - Image credit Cathay Pacific

Chair with neck pillow which is generally placed on the passenger seat into the needs of passengers, especially in these long-distance trip, I thought you had ever experienced.

Read an article from a lifestyle website, CNN Indonesia, that an airline, Cathay Pacific launched a new seat design with headrests that can be modified into a neck pillow. Just imagine if you were in a long haul flight, of course unconsciously want to enjoy the ride while sleeping, they, the airline is aware of this need, passengers can sleep comfortably on their way.

As written on the website Travel and Leisure, the passenger is given special treatment, because good design and innovative, and launched in conjunction with the launch of the Airbus A350, in May.

Airlines have expressed about their new features to Runway Girl Network, the design of the headrests were designed by Tangerine, a design company based in London, based on the feedback and complaints are being asked by the passengers.

Seats with headrests of the airline has a privilege, not only can be shifted up and down and vice versa, but it can also be set according to the desired angle and head-sized wide enough for an adult as well as children.

Travelers certainly has a lot of experience with a variety of airlines, they know certain features that are owned by airlines in the world, certainly in the long-distance travel, relatively cheap/economic tickets, and comfortable chairs.

(Source R Indra - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure /Image Cathay Pacific)


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