Don't Say This When You Traveled

There are five things that should be avoided when meeting locals

Tourists in Japan

Safety and security is very important when we traveled, obviously it becomes a mandatory requirement, because in the end we do need both.

Immediately set off for a tour, and it will make you happy. But. Note five things that should be avoided when you meet a local, do not say it to make you happy and unobstructed.

Sure, and that's what you expect.

1. "Do you speak English?"

When you are in a country that does not speak English. Highly recommended to learn a few simple phrases in the local language, such words like "please", "hello", "thank you", "no, thank you", "where is the toilet", and other important questions, including the phrase "Do you speak English? "(but in the local language)

2. "Can I change money?"

This is dangerous, and for safety's sake. Certainly. Especially the demand for help from the tour guide, hotel cleanliness clerks, waiters, and others who are not behind the register. You can prepare small denominations in the local currency of the country before departing.

3. "I'm lost. I'm staying at (the name of your hotel) ..."

Never pass it on to a stranger, even if you get lost on the way. You certainly do not want to become victims of crime in the popular tourist destinations. This is truly a bad idea to tell the name of the hotel or inn. You certainly do not want abducted, robbed in places where you should feel comfortable (when in the hotel).

Wayag Island, Raja Ampat Adventuring Papua

4. "I do not want to go there! No review at all!"

Not always review a guarantee of a decent place to go. True, we often want to get to a place, having read an interesting review. But, if a little quiet, think again, maybe go to new places can be considered, a new place that is unique and capable of surprising you.

5. Joking about something dangerous, such as "I have a bomb in a suitcase ... haha."

Be careful kidding about this, because the safety rules in the aviation sector is arguably more stringent than other transport sectors. Of course you do not want to be detained by immigration officials airports and disrupted the journey.

They will not believe the joke! You do not want exposed to criminal or civil penalties, isn't it?

Travel tours are appropriately impressive, full of adventure. Of course with all the good planning and responsible.

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