Konel Bread Shaped Animated Characters

The creative idea of a baker from Tokyo

Konel Bread - Image Eugenie Kitchen

Enjoying a bakery has become one of the daily needs of the workers in the big cities in the world, so that unconsciously we often like certain kinds when the desire to eat a bread.

There are many types of bread in Japan, and we have learned a variety of flavors, so if one day we find a kind of bread that is unique, perhaps the desire to try it.

Well, how do you respond when meeting with bread-shaped with a variety of animated characters that often we find in movies or television. So what happens when a baker from Tokyo made bread shaped with animated character.

Initially introduced through Instagram account, Konel Bread, thus its name, then immediately received widespread attention and the subject of conversation of the Japanese. Haha ... you will agree with me when to see it, because its shape is cute and adorable.

Say you will eat a bread shaped Santa Claus, then you can try other forms, such as Paul Frank monkey logo, Charlie Brown, Snoopy, even cute sheep character Shaun the Sheep.

Heart Shaped - Image Eugenie Kitchen

The animated characters are painting inside the bakery. The illustration emerging when the bread is cut crosswise. This bread maker is very creative, because we can obtain other forms, such as watermelon, kiwi, oranges, flowers, even to the tiger stripe pattern.

As the quote from the Rocket News 24, the creator of this creative bread using natural colors derived from chocolate and some vegetables. Various colors of dough that has been given to then rolled into one and molded to create a character in the bread. How to make almost the same as sushi-deco is placing colored batter carefully into a long cylinder of bread dough and then rolled into one.

Creativity at a place in the world capable of making anyone feel curious to see firsthand, perhaps when you reach tourist areas in Japan. Of course the pastries will be present cheerily to greet you.

(Source E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Rocket News 24 /Images Eugenie Kitchen Page)


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