Reasons Why You Should Stay at Hotels around the Airport

Efficiency for tourists who are traveling from one attraction to the other destinations

Passengers arriving at Ngurah Rai Airport, Denpasar Bali

Travelling by plane has become a fundamental requirement for tourists who often move to the tourist destination location to another location, the need to move requires that travelers consider the efficiency of the way.

Say you're leaving on the first plane tomorrow the next day, of course consideration is the time to be considered carefully. Always there are special considerations, such as congestion disorder can hinder your plans and itineraries for traveling by plane.

A busy city always has a relation with the traffic conditions, can not be predicted, so the consideration to stay at the hotel located in the vicinity of the airport is one logical option.

Citing an article in a travel site, Kompas Travel, that there are several reasons why tourists should stay at the hotel around the airport.

1. Time. Of course, tourists need a careful use of time, which is one reason to stay at the airport is to save time. Flight departure schedule is often the mornings, for example 05.00 or even 04.00 o’clock in the morning at dawn, so that tourists can prepare themselves better before headed to an other tourist locations.

2. Food. This is indeed good reason, because tourists can use the time to visit places of culinary at cheaper rates in areas around the airport.

3. Relaxation. Stay in hotels that are around the airport as the airport can save energy and be more relaxed. Travelers can save the length of the journey to the airport, get up early and avoid congestion in the city of departure.

4. Timely. Travelers are guaranteed to eliminate the risk to miss the plane.

5. Flexibility. Generally, each hotel is located in the airport facilities such compliments shuttle bus to the airport on a specific schedules as a unified service for hotel guests.

The logical reasons above for tourists who have traveled quite a tight schedule, especially when they have been arranged long ago. Of course you do not want any interference in all your travel plans.

(Source WA Prodjo - Kompas Travel, Nurmayanti - Swiss-Belhotel Jakarta /Image Ni Kdk R Riyanti)


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