Backpacking to Various Countries? This is the Cheapest Countries in the World!

Traveled with limited budgets is favored by most travelers

Taj Mahal, India

Vacation abroad with a limited budget is always a consideration for the tourists, especially when the desire to get to a destination country so urgently. The desire that always arise to realize a sightseeing trip.

Always a lot of challenges in front of the eyes, the obstacles, ranging from the availability of time, moment vacation parallel with specific seasons, perhaps even a limited budget.

A study of Numbeo, which surveyed countries with the world's lowest cost of living, good enough to give hope for most travelers, as it may consider desirable goal. The survey can be considered, such as excerpts from the article in the Kompas Travel, the survey includes the prices of 50 goods and services, ranging from accommodation. food and drink both of supermarkets and restaurants, clothing, taxi fares, travel activity, the cost of mobile internet and toll charges.

When viewing the list of attractive countries destination to visit, raising hopes that the trip will always be open towards travel to these countries.

Maybe we would have liked to see and have the opportunity to visit these countries. One day.

1. India
2. Moldova
3. Pakistan
4. Kazakhstan
5. Nepal

6. Ukraine
7. Georgia
8. Algeria
9. Azerbaijan
10. Colombia

11. Tunisia
12. Macedonia
13. Syria
14. Serbia
15. Albania

16. Sri Lanka
17. Bosnia Herzegovina
18. Philippines
19. South Africa
20. Romania

Indeed, we are not always able to get to a destination country as listed above, certain considerations need to be observed. For example, two countries that was hit by the conflict that should not be visited, namely Tunisia and Syria. In other words, do not forget the factor of safety, and other such details to obtain information from other sources in its entirety before traveling.

You can learn in advance before visiting countries of tourist destinations in the list, for example, consideration of the appeal of the culinary, how about its accommodation there, places of exciting, attractions of specific interest, such as world heritage sites, its natural environment, even a consideration of internet connections in a country, and once again the safety factor.

Travel trip always brings excitement, and passion for those who live with it. Experience that can not be told with words, but experience it for yourself.

(Source Kompas Travel, Travel and Leisure, Numbeo /Image L Pandjaitan)


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