Choosing a Delicious Restaurant on Vacation

Not always the recommendations of the internet in accordance with reality on site

Enjoy the culinary while under vacation, is part of integrated and complementary to many tourists who have planned a tourist trip for a long time, they chose the tourist sites at once realized something unique there.

You may read some of the recommendations from the internet while browsing a tourist spot, but the reality does not match, you are disappointed.

In fact, sometimes these places are difficult to achieve, difficult access, or even the restaurant had closed. Well, disappointment is hard paid off, to seek elsewhere certainly need effort, isn't it?

A recommendation from the Hong Kong Tourism Board can provide good entertainment and refresh the mind, of course. They give good advice to travelers from around the world.

1. Find a place to eat with a long queue of visitors

Well, if the disappointment is still felt, do not give up. You can quickly find a place to eat tasty food by looking at the number of visitors. If crowded, guaranteed to taste the more delicious than a place nearby.

It's okay if you have to do a long queue, but it will be worth the taste of the food was enjoyed. A little patience, because the crowded eating places would indicate that the waiters took time to serve more customers.

2. Recommendation of the selection of local residents

It's a thoughtful way, you choose a place to eat not only because of crowded visitors, we recommend carefully to see if the restaurant was crowded with tourists or locals.

Generally, a spot frequented by locals, because you can feel the real taste of local food. They have a taste as desired by the locals and not follow the tastes of the tourists tongue. Ask the locals, they have good recommendations.

3. Try to enjoy and not in a hurry to eat a lots

Maybe you're hungry, but try to be patient, enjoy the stages in starting food. Start with little food, then for example meatballs or nuts, for a culinary adventure has just begun.

Of course you want to try other foods as well, isn't it? And the need to avoid foods that are too heavy or a light meal with large portions, unless you really intend to share with friends on the way to culinary hunt.

4. Portions to share food with friends

Traveling through a location makes you really want to try it all, look carefully, it is advisable not to waste leftovers in vain. It is appropriate to share with a traveling companion.

By sharing the food will make you able to taste or try more types and kinds of unique food in there, right? And, not too full stomach and make you feel tired. Your heart will be delighted when shared with friends, all happy. Certainly.

5. The final part is when choosing a drink

After painstakingly spend on food, you become too full. Well, the next time is to order a drink. Set the time in such a way that when drinking is the last time, so that the stomach is not too full.

Culinary hunting is an exciting time, especially when you find a location where to eat right and have a good traveling companion and happy to share.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Hong Kong Tourism Board /Images M Paath Djojonegoro)


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