Muhammad Ali Way near Madison Square Garden

One of the best locations boxing bout of Ali in United States

Morning time in New York

Muhammad Ali in New York, exactly a street immortalized as a form of homage to the legends of boxing, and received appreciation from its fans from around the world.

Even Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the naming of a road while the original is West 33rd Street, New York and its location is near the Madison Square Garden arena. A location that became a legend for the boxing fans of the world, although previously the city has been permanently named streets around Madison Square Garden with "Joe Louis Plaza" in 1984, also a boxing legend around the world in the 1941's.

Citing AFP, Bill de Blasio said, "We are paying tribute to Muhammad Ali at the heart of this city."

Of course you've heard of the greatness of Ali is currently undergoing a career as a pro boxer, as well as his involvement in the fight for civil rights making it one of the figures most unforgettable in the 20th century, has died at the age of 74 last week, after more than three decades battling Parkinson's disease, according to excerpts of a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia.

Many memories for boxing lovers from various fights, including eight fights, including the current fight against Joe Frazier in the theme, "Fight of the Century" in 1979.

Well, maybe one day you set foot in the streets around the city of New York, do not come to a stop before it, perhaps a memory of the boxer, as presented by de Blasio, "He's entitled to respect this and more."

(Source L Kertopati – CNN Indonesia, AFP /Image A Soekirno)


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