The Amrita, one more Naked Restaurant opened

After London and Melbourne, immediately following the opening on July 29

Naked Restaurant, without clothes for the visitors, in London and then followed in Australia, in the city of Melbourne seem to give a lot of inspiration for the owners where to eat to open similar restaurants.

Of course, public interest in a specific case fan always invite curiosity, has confirmed that the plan to open a restaurant in Tokyo gets a tremendous response from the prospective guests. You will believe, because tickets for dinner and show specials for 12.000-80.000 yen has been ordered.

The Amrita, means immortality, and they are the management of this restaurant want slightly different from similarly themed restaurants overseas, they want a more quiet atmosphere but the rules are more stringent for guests aged between 18-60 years and with no tattoos, according to excerpts of news dated June 10, 2016 from Rocket News 24 site.

Then, how will when guests are present? Prepare yourself if you are interested, visitors must show their skin but still have to cover the vital panties paper provided restaurant.

It is different, since the Amrita impose special rules for guests, weight criteria, guests can only enter if you have the ideal weight and not over 15 kilogram of ideal body weight is measured calculating by the Body Mass Index (BMI).

Wanting to go back to an era at the beginning of mankind, Adam and Eve, with the waiters who have muscular bodies and special entertainment events to see a dance "Men's Show" of the best male model from America and Europe.

Perhaps many sensations that will be present, as written on The Amrita website, but in the end the visitors restaurants can satisfy their curiosity, about the kind of food will certainly be back on the tastes of each guest.

(Source AA Dwi Rahmawati - detikFood, Rocket News 24 /Image The Amrita)


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