Airlines in America that Frequently Make Lost Baggage

It is often reported lost suitcases of passengers in the United States

The flurry of passengers in Lambert - St. Louis International Airport

Lost luggage and baggage may occur on the way, especially when the passengers are less vigilant with luggage carrying. It's very annoying, loss of goods that can be considered important in a sightseeing trip.

Let's say you've made preparations for a long time, even many close friends already know your departure plans, packing clothes and other valuables.

There is an incident that may occur, such as excerpts from a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, you think you've managed to pack in a concise way, turned out to assess your airport officials should be charged extra for the excess quota of bags that can be carried. Finally, you also often charged more.

Annoying, isn’t it?

Now you can also know that in the United States though, as a developed country can occur in similar terms, loss of essential goods and luggage. As reported by FoxNews, some US airline was often reported to eliminate the suitcases of passengers.

It could happen, when passengers feel aggrieved, the passengers who do not want to pay for carrying the suitcase more than rules. Believe me, those passengers will feel annoyed. Sightseeing trip then becomes not fun, because there are additional costs to buy clothes in place on vacation.

Based on the news from the US Department of Transportation recently released a description of the six airlines had a lot of complaints recorded loss of luggage.

1. Southwest. Records show in 2014, the airline baggage eliminate as many as 329.599 passengers, according to the Luggage Forward. Although the figure turns decreased from the previous year's data of about 439.323 suitcase.

2. American Airlines. They do not provide access to pay quota luggage when passengers check in online, and by Luggage Forward, there are as many as 158.663 American Airlines passenger suitcase lost in 2014. The latest data from the Department of Transportation, 2016 data loss reached 34.029 passengers luggage.

3. Delta Airlines. Data until March 2016, it was recorded 16.340 lost suitcase. The previous year recorded 22.938 reported missing suitcase.

4. United Airlines. They had a record 15.831 reported missing suitcase. There are countless suitcases lost 2.58 per 1000 passengers.

5. Sky West Airlines. Until March 2016, the airline suitcase handle as many as 7.905 passengers. March last year, a total of 9.950 listed as missing suitcase.

6. ExpressJet. They are the largest regional airline in the world, but also to record one of the worst airline in passenger baggage handling. Until March 2016, there were 7.713 reported missing baggage.

Note from the US Department of Transportation to make us as worthy of passengers to be vigilant, because in the end the process of lost luggage or essential items, on the one hand can occur from anywhere, caution certainly deserve to take precedence, and you can enjoy your tour with a happy heart.

(Source Megiza - Indonesia CNN, FoxNews /Image Texy Hammp)


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