Photographing the Buttocks of the Stewardess, Passengers Expelled from the Plane!

A man who will fly with Flybe from Dublin towards Cardiff

Flights in Europe, especially from the Flybe airline has always received appreciation from passengers, as well as a man from Ireland, unnamed action that unpredictable.

Just imagine, you are preparing to begin the flight, the flight attendant was busy preparing the cabin, checking passengers, fitting seatbelt, enforcing the back of the chair and others.

Let's say you are a tourist, of course always the desire to photograph the aircraft cabin, or anything that is considered attractive before the flight, even taking the time to selfie.

However, as a tourist, there is no written provision, behave in a decent and polite, a traveler should not do so if it were made of other passengers or crew cabin uncomfortable.

This is what happens later, a few days ago, a man who would fly from Dublin Airport, experienced less palatable, he was expelled from the plane!

Citing reports from, Thursday, June 2, 2016, when the plane began to walk slowly and prepared for takeoff, ‘the man’ is suspected of taking the body including the buttocks of the stewardess.

Of course we need to ask, why did you do it, man? Because the incident took place when the flight attendant demonstrating the safety equipment in the cabin, for some reason he did these ‘unique and naughty’ photographs.

Stewardess felt there was something uncomfortable from behind, she caught that passenger's behavior, then she was asking him to remove the photos.

The man refused to delete the pictures. Well, the problem will arise.

From the article in the Daily Mail that police immediately rushed to the plane, which eventually had to be delayed his departure. The strange man who is forced to go with the police, before the plane can fly to its destination.

The man looked lethargic and a little embarrassed when questioned by police at the airport, the aircraft of the Flybe airline has left him, Goodbye! At first he just wanted to play, enjoy the atmosphere before flying, and the ends do not go everywhere, still at Dublin Airport.

(Source K Yustiana - detikTravel,, Daily Mail /Images Flybe - wikipedia)


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