Popular Tourist Places in the World

The ratings are tourist destination based that is considered the best place for a holiday

Kecak Dance at Uluwatu, Bali

Mid-year holidays have arrived and all the planning has been arranged, the course has prepared everything. Traveled to places where the preferred option can be one of the basic consideration for most travelers in the world, of course including you, is not it?

Travelers in the world have shown various tourist places which they consider as the best place, certainly a lot of the criteria on the basis of considerations. As the quote from the CNN site, wrote about the rating of US News & World Report 2016-2017, about the tourist places of the world tourists selection.

They are doing the rating is based on the most popular locations in several countries, for example Bali became the most popular place in Asia. Then Grand Canyon National Park established as the most popular places in the United States, Virgin Island is a popular spot in the Caribbean and Vancouver are the most popular places in Canada. The most popular places in Europe are Rome, while South Africa is in the first rank the most popular places in Africa and the Middle East.

As for the overall results, they give a rating on the 25 most popular tourist locations in the world based on a study of 250 destinations in the world by using a methodology that combines analysis and expert opinion.

1. Great Barrier Reef, Australia
2. Paris, France
3. Bora Bora, French Polynesia
4. Florence, Italy
5. Tokyo, Japan

6. Cusco, Peru
7. London, England
8. Rome, Italy
9. New York, USA
10. Maui, Hawaii

Times Square, New York

11. Cape Town, South Africa
12. Barcelona, Spain
13. Sydney, Australia
14. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
15. Yellowstone National Park, USA

16. Amsterdam, Netherlands
17. Hong Kong, Hong Kong
18. Cairo, Egypt
19. Washington, DC, USA
20. Grand Canyon National Park, USA

21. British Virgin Islands
22. Bali, Indonesia
23. San Francisco, California, USA
24. Patagonia, Argentina
25. Budapest, Hungary

Interesting overview about the most popular tourist attractions in the world, so that we can see many options for the tourists in the world to travel.

Let's say you want to play on the beach, diving activities, or doing advonturing activities and so forth. Enjoyed pile of coral, sea grass, until the fish that swim with the beauty will amaze anyone. Diverse options and make it easier for tourists in the world, the world stretched and ready to visit.

(Source CA Setyanti – CNN Indonesia, CNN /Images M Paath Djojonegoro, L Priyanti)


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