Passenger Want to Kiss a Young Girl on Plane

In the Portland-Anchorage flight route from the Alaska Airlines

Kissing a girl who loved may have become commonplace, for couples who are in love, being intimate partner can be said has been regarded as a spice in a relationship between a young person, even though for adult couples.

Thus the notion of a young man who wants to travel in an airplane, but then he forgot a few things.

The young man was rushing into the cabin of the aircraft, he immediately show the ticket to the flight attendant and then headed to his seat, the appropriate number. He was a little uneasy look from side to side in the aircraft cabin, not long then smiled, his heart might have been a little quiet.

In a moment, dozens of other passengers followed, one by one find their seats each, of course with a little help from the cabin crew.

Well, in the course of the plane, Thursday, June 23, 2016, in flight route Portland, Oregon towards Anchorage, Alaska, all the passengers were in their seats, they had put up their seat belt.

The stewardess had given the announcement that the plane would soon take-off, as well as other announcements required by passengers. The young man, aged about 23 years, somehow he smiled. Well, let's see, what he would do.

Next to his seat there was a young girl, according to ABC, about 16 years old, seems to be so tired, so the girl was asleep, and did not care about her surroundings, even more passengers on the seat next.

As noted in an article at News Australia, apparently the young man felt attracted to the young girl who was asleep, he was unable to control himself, he forgot about the surroundings, you will not be surprised at all, he moves his body, and then wanted to kiss the girl's lips.

That day was less lucky for him!

He was seen by someone other than a seat, and tell the flight attendants. So the flight attendant immediately walked into the pilot room, and report it. Pilot acted quickly and decided to turn around and the plane landed at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Indeed, the young man were far from lucky day, police at the airport soon after and secure him, he looked embarrassed, but cooperative. And, maybe a room in King County Jail is being prepared for him.

The hubbub for a moment in the plane, the other passengers applauded, but the girl who was troubled appears to be still a little in ‘shock’, but she was immediately at ease.

The airplane then get back towards the initial destination, Anchorage. Then, goodbye!

(Source F Safa - detikTravel, News Australia, ABC /Image Alaska Airlines - wikipedia)


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