Brexit disruption for British tourists

British exit from the European Union was not too good for British tourists

Tourists in Buckingham Palace

Brexit impact seems to have been transmitted anywhere, most of the British people cheered and others appear with the outcome of the referendum, as an example of the real impact on world tourism, specifically for British travelers.

Despite the pros and cons of the referendum result, Britons will certainly feel the impact, both positive and negative.

Let's look on the world of tourism, especially for UK residents who will travel to the other country outside the UK, they get further concrete evidence, there is an increase in travel costs, some of the causes among other things the currency exchange rate pound weakened.

As excerpts of articles from a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, the Association of British Travel Agents warned Britons not to be surprised when the travel agent to fix the price now is higher by 10 percent.

Trafalgar Square, London

Furthermore, according to the site, data from the European Union, there were 117 million people traveling by air between the UK and EU countries during 2015, British tourists liked sightseeing trip to Spain. Meanwhile as a comparison, on the other hand, the UK Statistics Agency, noting the number of tourists from North America rose 11 percent and from EU countries rose four percent.

Such is the case, considering the EU countries using the euro currency, travel agent getting charge a higher price, but also alarmed the British airline company, as British Airways which had to accept the bitter with the decline in the stock to 20 percent.

The world is still waiting for other things to happen, at least has to be experienced to two years, although it is still too early to make predictions. Brexit impact still need some time to be able to guess the direction of the wind blowing, especially for the British tourism in the previous period that got the increase in the number of tourists up to five percent in the last 12 months up to April, and specifically the implications for British tourists who immediately feel. Surely.

(Source E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Los Angeles Times, UK Statistics Agency /Images W Sjahran)


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