One million Pizzas every day in São Paulo brings Pollution

Pizza is one of the favorite culinary cooked in the traditional way

Pizza of Murano, Italia

Enjoy pizza has become one of the predilection of urban communities, particularly in the Americas, so no wonder we will see different types of pizza toppings appeal inviting fans.

Fans of pizza easily found in the United States, and it more or less the same in Brazil, especially in Sao Paulo, and we had no trouble finding shops where pizza is offered.

But. A less encouraging news for the fans, because the pizza is considered polluting. Why?

True, indeed it happens. The pizzas - typical culinary originally came from Italy - were taste delicious is always cooked in the traditional way using firewood, it is believed always brings the aroma and taste more delicious than the conventional way (with modern cooking equipment).

The use of the traditional way of using a wood-burning oven. But it is very unfortunate loss, while producing more delicious taste, the way is now deemed to have a negative influence on the environment. Citing CNN Indonesia's website, said that the burning produced smoke pollutes the air.

Further through the article in the Daily Mail, a scientific study has found that pollution in major cities like Sao Paulo, Brazil, remains as high despite reducing car emissions.

We can find out a further study from the University of Surrey, Dr Prashant Kumar, said that high pollution comes from wood-burning stoves that are used for the pizza, which has now become a tradition at the time of this popular food cooking.

The Pizza

So it goes, popular foods favored by many people in major cities of the world, particularly the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, a city which is so dense and produces around one million pizzas every day to be eaten immediately or take home.

Of course we need to think of another way, a solution, without compromising the environment, so that will be done by the citizens of the city of Sao Paulo and other cities in the world to find ways to reduce emissions to the environment. Pizza is always okay, but the environment is worth saving.

(Source A Khoiri - CNN Indonesia, the Daily Mail, Uproxx /Images R Rumambi, P Djayasupena)


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