Floods hit Paris

The Seine river overflowed due to heavy rainfall and meet most of the important areas

Sightseeing trip to Paris, can not be done at this time, the rain continues to fall in the last two days, the water overflowed the streets of the city, river transport, metro, and city buses paralyzed. Flood was unexpected, even for the citizens of Paris though, an important area for commercial and office buildings, and even attractions like the Musee du Louvre can not avoid, evacuation of works of art including the animals had to be rescued.

While in other parts of the world, a row of disappointed faces of a group of tourists in Jakarta, when the travel agent told obstruction going on, so they had to postpone travel to Paris.

Paris is always a place in the hearts of the majority of tourists in the world, has always been the object of a dream to reach this city. A beautiful city, the charm of tourist objects, such as the Eiffel Tower, Musee du Louvre, and the atmosphere is able to bring you to a specific romantic environment.

In fact you may agree, when on tour to Europe also must insert Paris as one of their destinations.

As written by a friend, while upload the latest pictures of Paris, complete with a picture of water that meets the city, she said on a social media site, "Usually May and June are the best time to visit Paris. Unfortunately, right now the weather is really really bad..."

True, such is the case in Paris today. The victims fell, the cars seem tossed about here and there, such as the news at Reuters, Thursday, June 2, 2016, the Seine River that flows in the middle of the capital, received flood water reached 5.6 meters in the next two days.

Heavy rain over parts of central Europe, especially Germany, France and even reached the Ukraine was hit by floodwater, while French tourism gets interference, despite the disappointment for tourists who had planned their trip.

(Source D Upala Poucin, Kompas Travel, detikTravel, Reuters /Images AFP)


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