Tragic Fate of a Son of Restaurant Owners

Mocking one of the guests who were eating at their restaurant

Tea Time

Good service from a restaurant can make customers save a good impression, they will go back to a restaurant. Lots of little things that bring good impression for guests, appetizers, such as nuts or small candies when guests began to sit up.

A small thing that can make a good impression and be a reminder of the good. The other thing is the friendliness of the waiters.

Regardless, the food menu as the main force of a restaurant, but involuntarily a restaurant can give a lot of good impression for customers. But what if the opposite happened? Human factors can change the perception of the customer who ultimately makes the restaurant's name be blackened.

For example, what often happens is the neglect and lack of respect for customers, often the news broke about the customers who were disappointed with the restaurant, a typing error in the name of customers performed by a waitress.

Are you able to accept, when waiters treat you with irreverent? Food bills often taken as rude or even racist, for reasons that can not be explained. And, you'll be surprised when you see the acting of the servant was often feign surprise when caught doing that wrong.

The Restaurant - Credit Photo All Stars Bar & Grill Restaurant

An article from a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, wrote an interesting overview of an owner of a restaurant, Tony Ambrosio, All Stars Bar & Grill Restaurant in Warwick, Rhode Island, has fired the restaurant bartender being caught giving the title of its customers that are written on the food bill with the word 'fatty'.

Well, you'd better respect the owner, because the bartender was his own son. Great!

As written on the Fox News, the disappointed customers were then upload the photos of the food bills to the social media to express his disappointment.

Indeed Tony Ambrosio submit his apologies to these customers, and provide meal vouchers amounting to US $ 50. Even then forbid his 18 years child to visit and eat into the restaurant.

Despite the incident, whoever does not want to undergo treatment in a less friendly at place to eat. Wherever it happens.

(Source Megiza - Indonesia CNN, Fox News /Images P Djayasupena, All Stars Bar & Grill Restaurant)


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