The Route with the World's Cheapest Airline Tickets

One way flight on Ryanair from Warsaw to Brussels

Ryanair Boeing 737-800

Cheap tickets has always been the object of prey from the tourists who love travel, traveling anywhere, various leading tourist attraction in the world.

It would be nice to get cheap tickets to various tourist destinations, may even become an obsession of some tourists in the world. I do not know if you'll agree with me?

"Did you get to see the site offers cheap fares last night?" I told a friend on a social media site.

"I forgot, because I felt a little sleepy ..." my friend replied.

"I was lucky to get some of the best service with the offer of hotels with room rates for discounts," I added.

Indeed, the hunt for cheap tickets on the website deals always requires patience, especially offer discounts on air tickets, generally always occur on the hour after midnight, and short-lived. Thousands of web sites accessed are waiting for this moment, so no wonder the price then rose slowly.

Well, this time an article on the Travel and Leisure, get a service from Irish low cost airline, Ryanair from Warsaw to Brussels, the route with the cheapest ticket in the world (with no discount codes and promo credit card), at a price of just 11 US dollars.

Is there someone who refuses to fly on this route?

Perhaps we could try, based on a compilation of hundreds of diverse possibilities for routes and schedules for flights from various airlines via an application service, Google Flights, for the distance between the two points of about 721 miles, flight was not until two hours.

You can try Google Flights, do a search for flight tickets to various directions, who would have guessed, because of the possibility of finding a route flight at a bargain price.

(Source Kompas Travel, Travel and Leisure /Image Ryanair-wikipedia)


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