Five-Star Airlines in the World

Based on the results of the observation by Skytrax

Garuda Indonesia, one of five-star airline

Traveling by plane from a five-star airline may already common in many trips of tourists in the world, you've probably tried it. Although not looked specifically, just after arriving at the destination airport you realize, oh ... Apparently was just now is a five-star airline.

Of course for most travelers, do not think too much about whether the airline was a major airline and the best in the world, because for tourists is primarily a tourist destination and the uniqueness of the tourist area, but flights sometimes are not always available on the day of departure.

Despite this, we will realize that it is always present airlines that prioritizes the best service for passengers, so naturally when they got an award for it.

A rating agencies for the aviation, Skytrax, quoting Travel and Leisure, recently doing the rating for the airline's best, in other words, was awarded a five-star airline. These are 8 airlines, Asiana Airlines, ANA, Cathay Pacific, EVA Air, Garuda Indonesia, Hainan Airlines, Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines.

As written on a travel site, Kompas Travel, that the Skytrax rating conducted on various other airlines, for example, the 37 four-star airlines including Emirates, Thai Airways, British Airways, Qantas, and China Airlines. While North Korea's Air Koryo, is the only airline in the world to a one-star.

In the end, tourists in the world they may be considering a trip, that enjoyed the trip with five star airline would provide the promise of class five-star hotel. Surely.

(Source Kompas Travel, Travel and Leisure /Image B Pratikto)


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