4 Drunken Woman Landing in Athens

The aircraft had an emergency landing and they were expelled for disturbing

Airbus A320neo of EasyJet at Geneva Airport - Image Credit Markus Eigenheer

The drunken woman in the plane is going to make a fuss over all the passengers traveling with these four women, you know when drunkenness is not a fun situation in the airplane cabin. I guarantee you will be extraordinary and can disrupt other passengers.

They fly from Manchester, England to Paphos in Greece, as reviewed in detikTravel, today, planning a holiday to Greece using the easyJet airline.

When the incident happened in a noisy situation inside the cabin, citing news on Fox, Mirror and Manchester Evening News, Wednesday, March 28, a passenger gave information when the drunken incident took place. Shortly after takeoff, they, the four women start drinking a bottle of vodka and brandy.

Maybe they thought after drinking, they would soon fall asleep, but the opposite event, it turns out, they even started arguing and cursing each other.

One of the four women approached the flight attendant in the back of the plane and picked up another bottle, you know if it made things hotter.

Indeed the cabin crew is trying to calm them down, you know drunken people are a bit more difficult to control, the situation gets more chaotic, seen a woman of them start crying and shouting. Even more exciting, she claimed to live on the streets as prostitutes of Corfu Island.

Passengers seemed to react. "I'm not kidding, if the police come, they'll take you with handcuffs. The best thing you can do is get off, please.

One of the drunk women then said something.

"I'm scared, I just want to go home, please help me, I do not even want to go on vacation.

Her friends reacted violently, and aggressively. Then still from one of them seemed to spit in the face of other passengers.

A flight attendant then speaks through the intercom, "You have to stay in the seat in your chair."

Seeing the situation increasingly chaos, the captain of the aircraft take emergency action, he immediately made an emergency landing in the city of Athens.

While the airline, easyJet provide a statement related to this incident.

"EasyJet can confirm that the EZY1975 flight from Manchester to Paphos on March 23 was diverted to Athens and they were secured by police in the arrival area, where four passengers were downgraded as a result of disruptive behavior on the plane."

Then the airline's spokesman immediately proceeded, "The flight continues to Paphros after passengers are dropped, and the safety of passengers and crew is always an EasyJet priority."

Source: Bona - detikTravel, Fox, Mirror, Manchester Evening News
Image: Markus Eigenheer, Genève via Wikipedia


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