The Woman Confesses as God and Wants to Fly Away

She almost opened the plane door while flying in the sky

United Express Bombardier CRJ 200s - Image Credit Quintin Soloviev

"I am God, I am God," which means a person has a different vision than ordinary people, so it is experienced, according to his confession. A woman who was a passenger on a flight from United Express 5449 flew from San Francisco to Idaho some time ago.

I do not want to argue with anyone, someone who is believed to be seeing, and she could be a little 'lunatic', maybe.

The woman became a passenger on an air journey, citing detikTravel, today, has committed a dangerous act for other passengers during the flight. You know if she claims to be God and wants to open the door of the plane.

This incident is then recorded through other passenger action, video recording of the incident and does not take long, this recording becomes viral in social media.

Evidently shown, as reported by Travel+Leisure, this unidentified woman suddenly shouted "I am God, I am God," when the plane was in the air.

Through another twitter account, @KTVU, the woman screamed and rebelled, wanting to free herself from the grip of other passengers. It is clear that some people try to resist the strange actions of the woman.

"It's strange, and unusual," said a passenger from the seat behind her.

She says that the woman says things clearly.

"God has all the data," and "I do not have any data," the woman said.

Who wants to guess what is really going on, you too will doubt what this really is. People may say that the woman is in the influence of drugs or even avoid the medicine.

Something definite that the woman's actions are indeed dangerous for the passengers of the plane as a whole,

But. You probably already know, that opening the plane door is also not easy, and requires special skills.

In spite of this incident, the plane can land safely with all the incidents occurring inside the cabin, and the woman has been detained by authorities including the FBI. Maybe they will check the physical and mental of the woman.

Scary, but funny!

Source: Shinta Angriyana - detikTravel, Travel+Leisure
Image: Quintin Soloviev via Wikipedia


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