Fat People Banned in Business Class

The Thai Airways carrier has a new rule in their Dreamliner business class

Thai Airways Boeing 747-400 - Image Credit Adrian Pingstone

The less fortunate fat people are like that which happens to an airline rule on a Thai airline. Fat people are banned from boarding their aircraft, is this news worth believing? I think this rule is very provocative and discriminates against those who are considered fat.

Perhaps the people who read this news will frown on them, think for a moment, and begin to find out the truth of the news content.

As reported later, Thai Airways now has new regulations in the Dreamliner business class cabin, quoting detikTravel, today, please guess whether this is true, but this rule is in effect for several reasons and considerations.

Let's see first, that passengers with waist size more than 56 inches (about XXL up), can not tighten the seat belt in the air bag. They and from the airline, Lieutenant Prathana Pattanasiri delivered it as a new aviation safety standard.

These airbags, as reported by the Australian News and Bangkok Post, Tuesday, March 21, will also make it difficult for parents to bring money to children in their laps. Even the seat belts can not be lengthened due to the mechanism of the airbag.

Further related to this, a survey in the UK in November, said that 4 out of 5 passengers wanted other passengers overweight to sit in a special zone. In other words an area with seating, hallway and wider leg room.

Likewise from a study on travel sites, UK Jetcost also gives results that one out of 10 passengers feel uncomfortable because the passengers sitting next to them are overweight.

No intention to justify, the policy carried out by Thai Airways airline which then took the initiative to install a new seat belt air bag in the seat for business class in the Dreamliner 787-9 fleet.

Regardless of this coverage, what has become the airline's policy is not the first time, you probably know when Finnair airline announces to weigh the passengers before they board the plane in November. Even Samoa Air calculates the cost of flights by weight in 2013.

Well then for some people can consider it on their way.

Source: Bona - detikTravel, Australian News, Bangkok Post
Image: Adrian Pingstone via Wikipedia


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