Wedding Cake of Prince Harry - Meghan Markle

Lemon Elderflower makes the public curious as to what its shape later

Violet Cake - Image Credit violetcakelondon @IG

The Wedding Cake as it really is one of the charms of a marriage ceremony, and this time the local people in the country of Queen Elizabeth are increasingly curious about the shape of the wedding cake to be presented in the marriage of one of the important members of the British Empire.

The public keeps wondering what forms are supposedly similar to similar or other uniquely shaped bridal cakes, there are culinary connoisseurs and cakes that take pictures from Instagram image sharing sites in hopes that they can slightly lessen curiosity.

The wedding is getting closer, two months ahead at Windsor Castle, England on May 19, quoting CNN Indonesia, March 22, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle deciding on 'lemon elderflower cake' as their wedding cake, and many are surprised, with the tradition of British bridal cake always made of fruit, and at the same time denied the banana flavored cake.

It is interesting to see who will play a role in making the cake, Claire Ptak, a pastry chef Violet Cake addressed at 47 Wilton Way, East London. The blog reader of The Tig certainly knows who she is, because Meghan once interviewed Ptak on the blog.

Meghan seems quite familiar with her, because Ptak is from California and now lives in London.

Not surprisingly, when the prediction of wedding cake that will be given decoration, lemon elderflower will nuance spring with bright colors and coated with butter cream, and decorated with fresh flowers on it.

In keeping with the official release on Kensington Palace's Twitter account, Claire Ptak looks enthusiastic about this wedding cake.

"I can not express how glad I am to be chosen by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to make their wedding cake, knowing that they also share the same view of food, ingredients and flavors make me happy to be part of their party."

This wedding cake is indeed out of the tradition of fruit cake that has lasted long in England, and very different. Perhaps as an antidote to the curiosity of the public can refer to the Instagram of Violet Cake account and guess one or two of their posts.

Source: CNN Indonesia, Violet Cake
Image: violetcakelondon by Claire Ptak @instagram


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