Personal Assistant Vacant for Exotic Island

Richard Branson opens job openings for young men and women who intend to become Personal Assistants

The Great House on Necker Island - Image Credit Mazzy02

Working while holidaying and enjoying the atmosphere is like a top-class holiday that is super luxurious and may not be imagined by anyone. This is what is offered in a job for anyone who is lucky to get the approval of the private island owner.

Jobs can be obtained anywhere, and you will often see them in various major cities of the world, but what if there is a job offer to become a Personal Assistant of Virgin Airlines owners and bosses of hundreds of other companies in the world, Richard Branson?

You may need to look in detail at the contents of the job vacancy, quoting CNN Indonesia, March 6, one of the conditions applicants must comply with is the obligation for them to stay on Necker Island throughout their contract.

True, Necker Island is the island where the British businessman set up a holiday home, and is in a beautiful Caribbean island like heaven on earth. Despite the dynamic atmosphere of island life, for example the middle of last year the island was hit by a powerful Hurricane Irma.

The island had been devastated by this storm, but Branson immediately moved quickly to fix it, and reopened it in October 2017.

Perhaps you know if this island has always been the mainstream media coverage of the world, say when Branson brought former United States President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, for a vacation after retiring from the presidency of the United States.

Well, interesting thing is the lucky applicants will have offices on the island, applicants are also given the task of busy, which is managing the office of Branson and Necker Island resort office.

More exciting is the daily bustle, when the applicant is asked to send a report on the development of the two offices via electronic mail to the owner.

I know if anyone who is lucky to get to the island, then the skill is the main tool to be able to do all the work, nimble in taking care of all the needs of Branson and his resort, ranging from booking plane tickets to the needs of staying special guests who come.

For interested applicants they need to prepare some things, a cover letter with a self-profile video that reveals the applicant's motivation, the applicant's interesting facts, and the applicant's expertise.

Do not forget for interested parties to send all documents to before March 10, 2018.

Source: CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: Mazzy02 via Wikipedia


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