Racist On Stewardess, Expelled from Aircraft

An old man uttered a racist sentence to the flight attendant

The Stewardess - Image Credit Garuda Indonesia

The difference in color of the skin is one of many other differences found in the outer physicality of mankind, and it can not be changed since a person born who has been carried on for a lifetime. No one can ask themselves to be born in certain physical traits, skin color, hair and so on, all is naturally carried away from the day of birth.

But. A bitter reality can occur in an unexpected situation, when an elderly person, throws a racist sentence to a flight attendant in a plane that is about to travel on a Binter Canarias plane.

Tragically to the naughty old boy, quoting the news of detikTravel, today, he is 70 years old apparently can not hide his feelings, a painful remark, of course. You know, even the pilot looked very angry and asked him out of the plane.

The flight should be beautiful in the air from the North Tenerife Airport to La Palma, both of which are in Spain.

He got into the cabin and was about to sit in his chair, a black stewardess trying to help the old man. It is amazing to see the reaction of the grandfather, he did not appreciate the help of the flight attendant, as written by Fox and local media El Pais, even then he throws a racist sentence to the stewardess.

"I do not want blacks around me."

The stewardess was shocked, she said nothing, and went away. A few minutes the situation seemed calm, when the passengers had been sitting on their benches, something unexpected came to the naughty old boy.

The flight captain came to see him, the captain angry and asked the 70 years old man to get out of the plane.

The old man refused, and remained with his stance about his racist behavior, the captain looked firm, and there was no choice, the captain called the airport security guard to bring the old man.

"From Binter we want to express our complete rejection and resentment to this kind of behavior and show our full support to our crews who always strive to provide the best service to our customers."

Other passengers inside the aircraft cabin can understand what just happened, regardless they had to delay the trip for 20 minutes. I agree, racism is an inappropriate act, always learning to be mutual respect.

Source: Bona - detikTravel, Fox, El Pais
Image: Garuda Indonesia


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