Everest, the Highest Trash Can in the World

A pile of rubbish can also be seen in the popular mountains of the world

Lobuche, Mt Everest - Image Credit N Ginting

Garbage in the mountains is often a complicated problem for ascent managers, even for local governments who are directly responsible for both climbing and mountain climbing activities. Along with the popularity of a climbing area, something that is sometimes difficult to avoid is a pile of garbage.

A mountain that has been known by the world, as a legendary mountain that became the dream of climbers and climbing sports enthusiasts, Mount Everest, also experienced cases of garbage piles left by most of the climbers.

You know the elegance of this magnificent mountain, the 8,848-meter-high mountain from the sea surface looks brave from a distance, quoting CNN Indonesia, March 24, but the contrast you will find when you step into it, just look the garbage left by millions of climbers, from plastic bottles, climbing equipment, up to the oxygen cylinder.

The garbage pile is troublesome for all, quoting Lonely Planet, according to data from the UN, that Mount Everest is called "the world's tallest trash" because of the existence of 140 tons of garbage there since the climbing lane was opened in the 1950s.

In fact, you will be surprised to see directly, there are corpses of climbers lying on the sidelines of the mountains, or on the sidelines of the valley, at least 200 corpses are finally buried there.

According to the guide who often accompany the climbers, the corpses are allowed to decompose with the ice sheet because of the very difficult evacuation process.

Has been the understanding of all the citizens there as well as the climbers, since three years ago, the Nepalese government set a fine rule for climbers who do not carry at least eight kilograms of waste when descending the mountain.

The local government inspects the effective rules, because it reduces the burden of environmental cleaners around the mountains, and proven as much as 16 tons of waste successfully cleared from the top of the mountain. But. Not that Mount Everest is free from garbage problems.

The necessary steps from the government given the spring is approaching, this season is known as the season of tourists, and also be regarded as the garbage season.

As is known anticipatory steps from the committee of cleanliness of Mount Everest, Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee, perform cleaning activities including for the guide (sherpa), climber, and aircraft to transport waste from the top.

The remarkable thing of local government is to invite local residents to do recycling activities, considering the pile of garbage is no longer able to accommodate the garbage collected.

Source: CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet
Image: N Ginting


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