Power Bank Banned Inside Aircraft Cabin

One of the electronic tools that can not be separated in the tourists' backpack

Powerbank charging a smartphone - Image Credit Ilya Plekhanov

Electronic equipment inside the plane cabin has become a kind of special attention for the fans of travel by airplane. Holiday is in sight, that's what happens to many travelers with a variety of luggage, including preparing and packing everything that matters.

Some countries appear to be aware of things related to electronic devices, given the incident that occurred in the cabin plane recently, when an explosion device power bank owned by passengers.

Safety considerations in aviation make passengers the main thing, especially the tourists need to pay close attention to it. Some of the things you should know the following, quoting an article on KompasTravel, March 12, before the holidays carrying electronic equipment into the cabin of the aircraft.

1. Know carefully all the provisions

You need to know the terms of the type of power bank that can be taken into the plane or cabin baggage, because an electronic instrument or power bank that can be carried on the plane is only a power bank that has an hourly power of no more than 100 Wh.

For equipment with an hourly charge of between 100 Wh to 160 Wh shall be subject to airline approval. For equipments over 160 Wh can not get into the plane.

2. Do not use power bank in flight

Power banks or spare lithium batteries brought to the plane should not be used on flights, you can not connect them to your device.

Not only on your smartphone battery, and do not recharge using the power bank for the camera battery in the plane.

3. Charging before departure

You want to be safe, you should follow the predefined rules. Fill the smartphone battery fully.

Try to fill in early on the ground, if forced to do it, then do it in the boarding room.

4. Can be charging in in flight entertainment tools

You know there are certain airlines that provide the USB Ports for charging smartphones or other electronic devices. Use this facility instead of charging using the power bank during flight.

You can prepare USB Cable, because usually the cord system can only be used for the cable.

You know, all things well prepared, then your travel journey will go well. Happy Flight!

Source: Anggita MM Prahara Senja - KompasTravel
Image: Ilya Plekhanov via Wikipedia


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