Greek Yogurt Keeps Digestion Until Helps Diet

One of the secrets of the longevity of the Greeks is the consumption of greek yogurt

Yogurt garnished with fruit and mint - Image Credit Schwäbin (Wikimedia)

The secret of longevity is evident when you look at the everyday reality of the Greeks, as the nutritionists say that the longevity of the Greeks is influenced by their diet and lifestyle. Greek yogurt is different from other types of yogurt, Greeks also often make greek yogurt instead of butter, salad dressing, or eaten directly as a snack.

Well, what if you look in the life around you, people assume that all kinds of yogurt are the same. But, you can be a little careful, greek yogurt that is becoming a trend of urban snack today is mentioned has many advantages over other types of yogurt.

As stated by a nutritionist, Samuel Oentoro in an interview with CNN Indonesia, February 28, "Greek yogurt is different from other types of yogurt especially in terms of texture that is more viscous and solid."

You can feel for yourself, besides the different making process, the solid texture, it is plainly greek yogurt with other yogurt can not be distinguished, because the same fermented bacteria.

It distinguishes from other types of yogurt, a thicker and denser texture, milk that has been fermented by good bacteria, for example Lactobacillus bulgaricus that has been filtered again. No wonder if the Greeks get more intake of protein sources contained therein.

"This screening process makes this Greek yogurt richer in protein than any other yogurt."

Yogurt contains all the nutrients of milk as advantages, more healthy, but the drawback is high-fat milk.

"This yogurt filtering process will keep milk protein in yogurt and reduce its fat," he added.

That is why yogurt is considered more powerful to help maintain weight, because of higher protein content and lower water content.

"But remember, this is not a substitute but a complementary meal."

Something worth remembering about the benefits of yogurt is the high content of greek yogurt protein will help make the stomach full longer. It is very helpful for the traveler who is down the sidewalks of a long street in a tourist destination. Certainly!

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Heavenly Blush Greek Yogurt
Image: Schwäbin via Wikipedia (under license CreativeCommons by-sa-3.0-de)


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