Rare, Bread Price Raisins Can Soar

The supply of dry grapes is getting thinner because the harvest decreases

Homemade cinnamon swirl raisin bread cooling on a wire rack - Image Credit Mendaliv

The enjoyment of raisin bread has always been an appetite for bread lovers, and even raisins have been widely recognized by many urban communities who love the topping of raisins on their bread. Raisins do serve a complementary topping for different types of pastries, you can know even kebuli rice, of course bread, to the latest cake creations in pastry shops.

You know when you hang out with friends on a warm weekend in downtown, you're going to order a piece of chocolate cake, and certainly not forget the raisin bread as a tempting complement. Enjoying cakes and raisin bread that flirts with friends, a cup of coffee and endless conversations that please you and your friends.

But. Wait a minute, a story that may be less comfortable to hear, the rarity of raisins can make all the changes. News quoted from CNN Indonesia, Feb. 28, because the price of raisins will soon rise, it is not good, raisins or dried grapes increasingly scarce that can make the price soar.

The impact on the price of food using raisins is also predicted to soar, as shown by a recent raisin-producing region in California.

This area is still trying to maintain the scarcity of raisins, bakeries in the region, California faces a problem with high spending to produce the dried fruit due to declining harvest.

"We immediately thought of choosing to focus on producing more favorable foods," says a baker there.

As an illustration, since September last year raisin prices increased 50 percent, production in 2017-18 is estimated at only about 275 thousand tons. Of course this amount is not enough, decreased 8 percent from last year's production or 15 percent of the average production of raisins in the last 5 years.

You know when food creators, especially the same kind of bread and culinary, are looking for ways to get other raisin producers, like the one in the UK looking for Turkish and Greek processed raisins. You know if these two countries are also known as the largest wine producer in the world.

Take a look in the more southerly regions, citing The Independent, raisin production in Australia as well as crop failures decreased 20-25 percent from a year earlier, due to extreme weather problems in recent weeks.

You may even need to know if the price increase can happen to sultanas (dry green grapes) which are commonly found in Turkey as well as increased by 30 percent. If so, be prepared to eat less cake and raisin bread.

If possible. Of course.

Source: P Tripeni Juniman - CNN Indonesia, The Independent
Image: Mendaliv via Wikipedia


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