Thailand Not Comfortable Called Paradise Sex Tourism

Official release releases that their country opposes all sorts of concepts

Sleeping Buddha Statue, Bangkok - Image Credit PT Hadie

Sex tourism or any statement or any mention about this, over time does make feel uncomfortable for the country concerned. This also applies to the Government of Thailand, they are disturbed by the designation of sex tourism destinations aimed at their country.

Understandably, due to the wide impact for their citizens, as well as for tourists visiting Thailand, this year visited as many as 37.55 million tourists, because it deflected the meaning of a tourist destination that typically occurs in their other neighboring countries, say Malaysia, Singapore, or Indonesia.

Even the Thai government officially quoted Reuters through the Tourism Board of Thailand (TAT) to release a statement that their country is strongly opposed to all kinds of sex tourism concepts.

The country is interesting with a great potential objects to tourists, as written on CNN Indonesia, March 1, beaches, Buddhist temples, and culinary is always busy visited by tourists every year.

Thai tourism contributes $ 53.76 billion in state revenues, up 12 percent from 2016, floods of mostly young tourists, their vacation activity before they start college or work, but on the one hand tourists also see facts other than officially offered.

Officially prostitution is prohibited, but many areas are suspected to be red light districts. This becomes a universally applicable law, there is demand and supply, when tourists come mostly from countries around the world.

You know when you look at the services of this offer from the rural areas, red districts are also found in the main city of this country, as in Bangkok. Even recently, on Monday, February 26, Thai police arrested 10 Russian citizens who opened a sex-services training class in Pattaya, as it was considered to open a service without official permission.

TAT in its official statement published on Wednesday, last February 28.

"TAT wants Thailand to be a good quality and well-aimed tourist destination, we are very opposed to the concept of sex tourism."

When you're present in this country, facts do speak, the red districts offer a service called heaven of the world, from plus-plus massages to rented sleeping friends. Oh Great!

The form of action ever undertaken by the former Minister of Tourism of Thailand in 2016 as an example of 'resistance' to the sex business, even then many raids to the area which allegedly became a red district by the Thai Police.

But. Every well-intended policy always faces a challenge, as observers say, "Changing people's perceptions of the concept of Thai tourism is not as easy as turning a hand."

Source: Reuters, CNN Indonesia
Image: PT Hadie


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