Piss Near the Historic Statue, Tourist Fine

A New Jersey tourist was arrested by police in Florence, Italy

Loggia dei Lanzi - Image Credit Wknight94

Traveling to historic places or places that are considered sacred by local residents are always bringing many tourists to a certain consequence. There may be ignorance, or may be less aware of the habits of local residents and other things related to local culture.

A troublesome incident for a tourist from the United States who has been arrested by the local police, after being caught urinating around the historic buildings of Loggia dei Lanzi.

As reported later on, that the man according to CNN Indonesia, today, performed his activity at 1:30 am on Tuesday, March 12, he piss near the statue of Hercules and Cacus, a masterpiece carved by artist Baccio Bandinelli in the early 16th century.

Unlucky for him, because according to police and other authorities, the man is threatened with a fine of US $ 6,100, for the act of violating decency in public places.

You know according to the news delivered by Nove da Firenze, Loggia dei Lanzi is a free open building every day for 24 hours, stood since the 14th century is called the largest open-air museum in the world, and become an interesting historic building area the attention of tourists in the city of Florence.

Area of ​​historic tourist attraction bustling visited by tourists who travel to Italy, especially Florence. A place with museum buildings for hundreds of artist works of Italian artists, ranging from paintings to sculptures, and placed both inside and outside the room.

Hercules beating Nessus - Image Credit Ricardo André Frantz

But. As a tourist visit to a historic place, especially if the locals are so respectful of the story of the past that accompanies it, you know if then visitors must maintain courtesy during a visit, especially by not touching the antiques on display, because it is feared human sweat can accelerate the process weathering the goods.

Maybe this is news in this city, but according to an excerpt from an article on Travel and Leisure, it's not the first time Florence has been dealing with tourists who misbehave around historical buildings.

You know that last year, the city government was furious with the action of the tourists eating indiscriminate drinking in the corner of their historical buildings, even then leaving the garbage.

No need to wonder if then released public rules about the ban on eating and drinking in the building of history to anticipate all the unnecessary hassles, let alone concerning the activities of tourists. Maybe that's a good way out for everyone.

Source: CNN Indonesia, Nove da Firenze, Travel and Leisure
Image: Wknight94, and Ricardo André Frantz via Wikipedia


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