Restaurants in Maine Reservations Only By Post

The Lost Kitchen restaurant must send a reservation request with a postcard

Chéf Erin French - Image Credit Greta Rybus

Orders via postcards, great ideas in fast-paced times, something against the flow, maverick behavior of course. And this happens in a restaurant that is guaranteed to give a unique sensation to its customers.

They are different, when other restaurants offer the latest technological sensations, a restaurant in Maine goes back to the past. You will be surprised at the action they might not have expected.

This restaurant, citing the article in detikFood, today, The Lost Kitchen implements a classic new system on how to book a place. The restaurant, located in Freedom, Maine, eliminates a sophisticated digital ordering system.

Of course for these customers the things worthy of scrutiny, and become something that is considered new, just because back into the past. As reported by Fox News, March 16, for anyone who wants to enjoy a meal at this restaurant must send an analogue letter sent by post, and besides the letter containing the reservation of this place should also be hand written.

You know according to locals, The Lost Kitchen including a restaurant that is quite popular, visitors are always booming especially in the period May to December each year.

As an illustration of last year alone Chéf Erin French received 10,000 phone calls for table bookings, which could only hold 40 visitors.

It seems that they are getting tougher by deciding to remove reservations by phone and online reservation system, given the two reservation paths make the restaurant staff and prospective visitors feel stressed.

After going through a deep discussion, the restaurant will only accept desk reservations via postcards or postal mail, as written by Erin French on their official website.

"We prefer direct contact with humans through pens and a piece of paper rather than a keyboard, and with that opportunity we want to give full attention to potential visitors, keeping the restaurant small and intimate."

Let's say you're interested, so be prepared to send your business card, address, email address and phone number. After that you can put in the envelope and sent to the restaurant during the period April 1-10, 2018.

"Starting on April 11th, cards will be randomly selected until the reservation is complete."

A unique but powerful way of ordering to be able to serve all the needs of prospective customers and restaurant guests.

"Realizing we will never be able to serve everyone who wants to eat here.To get here it takes a little energy, a little patience, persistence and hope.In retrospect, every good thing I've ever experienced in my life involves all four this matter."

How ordering is immediately a viral conversation on social media, many netizens are responding to this system positively.

They say, "Beautiful and great idea!"

Source: Devi Setya - detikFood, Fox News
Image: Greta Rybus - The Lost Kitchen Page


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