Canadian Tourism from the Eyes of Justin Trudeau

Get to know Canadian tourism through their 23rd prime minister

Justin Trudeau on one trip to Whistler - Image Credit justinpjtrudeau@instagram

To get to know Canada tourism there are many interesting ways through their bloggers and vloggers who are diligent about writing about Canada, but there seems to be a great way. Of course you want to know, don't you?

Who would have thought if the prime minister, the father of two sons who became so famous today in their country, the youngest prime minister and the icon of their country, had even become wider talks crossing the borders of their country.

His appearance is so charming that he is easily favored by their citizens, quoting CNN Indonesia, March 7, as well as being smart in making the rules of political life. The 46-year-old prime minister was born in Ottawa and is known for frequenting the historic towns of his country, Trudeau is also delighted to visit the stretching landscape in Canada.

Justin Trudeau gives descriptions of his various journeys, some very memorable places, such as Fogo Island, Kluane National Park, Nahanni River, Niagara Falls, and Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean Bay.

Canada is known by world travelers with outdoor tourism, such as hiking, mountaineering, snowboarding and even surfing.

Trudeau also recounted a memorable moment when he came to Whistler, an area that is surrounded by snowy mountains was once a place to live and work while young as a snowboarding instructor and nightclub doorman guard in the 1990s.

All there did look different from when he was young, now he is doing snowboarding activities, but with complete escort from the guards of the state prime minister as part of the official protocol.

This place has become one of the tourist attractions that the prime minister recommends, and the best time to visit is mid-June to October which is the favorite month of the tourists.

Of course you need to avoid the months of April and November are called the coldest months in Canada, if you do not like cold weather and biting bone marrow, there are always curious to try those times while enjoying the coldest snow phenomenon.

Source: CNN Indonesia, Reuters, IG
Image: Justin Trudeau @IG


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