Easter Chocolate Eggs in Birmingham

Giant egg weighing 110 lbs from Cadbury

Giant Easter Eggs from Donna Oluban - Image Credit Cadbury England

Easter eggs are always present at great religious events such as Easter celebrations wherever they are, always an integral part of the celebration. Easter festivity is incomplete if it is not equipped with the presence of colorful Easter eggs, given the Easter egg is identical with the presence of a new life, the resurrection of Jesus from the death that is at the core of the Christian faith.

Easter is indeed festive with the presence of these eggs, and it seems that a producer of British chocolate producers knows how best to welcome and make Easter moments extraordinary and festive.

They, Cadbury make a giant brown egg with a height of nearly one meter, citing detikFood, March 29, another innovation after their previous successful re-issued variants Egg Cream in England, Cadburry is now enliven Easter day by making a big brown egg shape.

You know when you see it, the shape is similar to Egg Cream, quoting news at metro.co.uk, March 27, only when you look in detail, the stuff is different, because Egg cream chocolate contains gooey cream with white and egg yolk.

Let's see how the Easter Easter egg is, you know, the giant Easter egg chocolate contains the original Dairy Milk chocolate, Cadbury, made up of as many as 1,111 unit of Dairy Milk chocolate bars, no wonder if this giant brown egg weighs 110 lbs.

You can see the outer part of this big chocolate emblazoned with brown creams of flowers and leaves, to look like Easter eggs.

They invited Donna Oluban as the creator of all the Easter chocolate work, but you know, if this Easter egg is not to be eaten, as it is meant to attend the Easter Exhibition in Brimingham, England.

Donna Oluban not only makes this giant egg chocolate, she also has to make sure the chocolate is ready and safe to display.

Regardless of the admiration of the British citizens who attended the exhibition later, should refrain them not to be curious to just taste, though just a little.

Happy Easter Everybody!

Source: Dewi Anggraini - detikFood, metro.co.uk
Image: Cadbury Chocolate


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