Hartsfield-Jackson Airport Will Eliminate Parking Land

Problems often experienced by passengers at the busiest airport in the United States

Aerial overview of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, January 2015 - Image Credit formulanone from Huntsville

Finding a parking spot in a shopping mall, or in crowded centers is a challenge in itself, not always getting an empty space to park your car. Let's say you're in a hurry to take someone and look for a parking lot, this thing will make your forehead wrinkled, and make your heart beat hard.

Not surprisingly, an airport known as the busiest airport in the United States, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta, 7 miles south of Atlanta's central business district, which has considered to destroy the parking lot at the airport.

True, they have indeed thought about many things, quoting CNN Indonesia, March 24, there is no other way, so the parking area can be used to build more aircraft landing facilities.

There is a good way out to do is to build a multi-storey parking lot to save space. You would think this would be a great idea, though it would require socialization for all vehicles going into the airport area.

Serious steps from the airport manager, as reported by Travel and Leisure, a multi-storey car park that will be built as high as eight floors and four floors in the south and north, with a cost allocation of about US $ 6 billion.

Although this plan does not get rejected from the parties concerned, because they know with the development of online transportation trends are rife there, such as Uber and Lyft.

Tom Nissalke, the airport management representative provided an explanation of recent developments, such as a quote from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

"We are still considering, it is necessary to build a multilevel parking lot at this airport, while many visitors come with online transportation."

The facts on the streets are now showing increased traffic, cars on the streets more and more, you know what can happen, as wide as any roads are built, there's still congestion.

Utilization of all existing modes of transportation becomes a necessity with diverse transport options, if taxis, buses or trains are full, then online transport may be of interest to prospective passengers.

Source: CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Image: formulanone from Huntsville, US via Wikipedia


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